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MOBI-TWIN Project at the 8th RGCS Symposium

22 March @ 9:00 am 2:30 pm

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The MOBI-TWIN project is at the forefront of exploring the Twin Transition in urban mobility and workspace environments. POLIMI presented the paper, “The Twin Transition and Flexible Working Arrangements,” at the 8th RGCS symposium held at the Toulouse Business School on March 22nd, 2024. This annual event is known for emphasising practice and research in the field of coworking and collaborative spaces. It brings together researchers and professionals involved in coworking spaces market.

The paper is a systematic literature review delving into the concept of the Twin Transition and how it effects flexible working arrangements. As the green and digital transition reshape the business environment, they significantly influence the workforce structure and execution.

Remote working, hybrid work, teleworking, and the digital nomad lifestyle are examples of flexible work arrangements that are becoming more and more popular. The paper’s conclusions are closely connected to the objectives of the MOBI-TWIN project, underscoring the value of collaborative research and the sharing of knowledge to advance our understanding of these critical transitions.

The event offered a great platform for discussions around important topics pertaining to the MOBI-TWIN project and brought to light the importance of ongoing communication and collaboration among academics and professionals to navigate and shape the future of work in an era of digital transformation and sustainability.

For more information about the RGCS symposium, please visit the conference website.

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