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ESSPIN is a 3-year project determined to support the EU initiatives on social and economic transformation. The goal of ESSPIN is to re-examine the nexus of social, economic and spatial inequalities in the EU, the various typologies and the arrangements and mix of policies addressing them, in the light of emerging and highly interacting mega-trends and challenges, threatening to increase pressures and make policy choices even more difficult. As new and older drivers of change are projected to create a rather unfavourable environment for balanced growth and socio-spatial resilience, this research will focus on the analysis of policy responses, aiming to make them more proactive, inclusive and effective.

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Re-Place project (Reframing Non-Metropolitan Left Behind Places Through Mobility and Alternative Development) through participative research, will examine the role that spatial mobilities play in the future of left-behind places, and how they can be harnessed to improve these communities quality of life.


PREMIUM_EU is built on the premise that spatial mobility, or the ability of people to move freely between different regions, can offer new opportunities to both sending and receiving regions. Europe’s population would shrink dramatically without migration. This project seeks to identify the positive effects of migration that are often overlooked.

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