Press Release 2

The 2nd Press Release of MOBI-TWIN is out!

The second Press Release of the MOBI_TWIN project about the first phase of our research on spatial mobility and the Twin Transition has been launched!

This Press Release 2024 outlines the completion of the initial phase of research, focusing on spatial mobility and its drivers in the context of the Twin Transition.

Current patterns of spatial mobility have been thoroughly analysed. The project has identified many types of mobility, including circular, long-term, and short-term mobility, as well as the push and pull variables impacting these movements.

Attention is also given to the major effects of COVID-19 and Brexit had on mobility of the Twin Transition.

With 11,880 participants from around the EU, the project conducted a large-scale survey to collect information on citizens’ opinions of regional attractiveness and mobility drivers. The impact of digital and green amenities on residential choices, as well as work-related effects, intentions to change residence, and demographic factors were all examined in this survey. 


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